I’ve been hinting to Aneeqa about the XBOX ONE since last year when the news broke, however I never thought that she would actually purchase the console for me as it costs R6299,00 in South Africa. So I nagged her for an entire year and then last week, as we went shopping, she walks into Incredible Connection and as I do, I head to the gaming section and started playing FIFA with the very new and improve XBOX ONE against one of the sales consultants.

As I look up, she’s taking a video of me playing in store and then walks off – I could see that she is livid at my behaviour. But as any man would, after beating the sales consultant 3-0, I walked towards her and she just walks straight by and goes to the cashier. Lo and behold an XBOX ONE is waiting for me and she says:

SURPRISE, you are the lucky winner so that you do not let your wife stand around the store waiting on you!

Even though her remark was sarcastic (PS. Aneeqa sucks at sarcasm) I was on top of the world!!! I went from being a man to being a kid again – and this is what my wife does – she reminds me to be free and spoils me far too much.

I could not wait to get home, but I kept the inner kid tantrum in and allowed her to go into a few more stores before we headed home.

Got home, unpacked the glorious console – found its permanent place, powered up the console and was greeted with a 500MB update!! Can you believe my ego!

Downloaded the mandatory update, ready to commence my beloved FIFA journey – upon signing in, setting up my ultimate team – it was time to look for a game online – a lovely error message popped up:


After further investigation, I found out that my NAT type was set to moderate. To be able to game online – it needed to read as an open NAT type. Logged onto XBOX and reading up on numerous forums, I came to the conclusion that I needed to open ports on my router in order to access the servers.



This is called port forwarding – with the help of XBOX I proceeded to open my ports:


……it still did not work….rebooted the modem…..still did not work….visited Dr Google and came up with many other solutions…..I became so frustrated as none of the solutions were working, that I thought it was my internet service provider….a few days past by….and still I had no joy of my new toy!

I even thought of perhaps selling the console because not being able to play online, renders the console useless to me.

I decided to give it one more go and then I proceeded to reset both the router and XBOXONE to the default, followed the instructions on Microsoft to a T. Rebooted the modem and sat back to see if I was successful, guess what… I was not! Being so frustrated, I left it and then looked at it again after an hour and then visited Dr Google again and read on a forum that in order for the changes to take full effect, I needed to:

Hard reboot the XBOXONE as well – meaning – REMOVING THE POWER CABLE  – and waiting 30secs

Once I did this – Have mercy – it worked!

You cannot imagine the happiness that I experienced when this haapended – I ran throughout the house like a kid!

So now you know…when they say reboot – give it a HARD REBOOT

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