View More:’ve been blessed with an amazing baby boy almost two years ago and how our world’s changed! His truly the happiest little boy ever to truly be, we know that all parents say this about their child, so we are owning it.

His everything we’d dreamed for except for the ornaments on the side of his head that he never uses…. yes he hardly uses his ears nowadays. All of his baby life, he was a super chilled baby and I can safely say that (touch wood) his almost two years old and his never had a bum rash (everrrr).

Want to know my trick? Well I thought my mom was joking when I brought him home from hospital, when she said put aside all these fancy creams and just get olive oil. “Olive oil” I said. Yeah Olive oil! New moms, moms to be, get yourselves olive oil! I am a believer! I’ve been using the plain old Dischem Olive Oil that can be found at their pharmacy sections (sometimes they move their stuff around). Do not use any creams when putting on a new nappy, just olive oil.

You’ll see that when s/he begins to get a rash – this is when you use all the fancy creams. I use Babaderm because its Paraben-free, SLES-free. It’s also really great for eczema!!!

As all parents, we try our best to make their lives easier on this earth. May we all become great lovely parents.

Love Aneeqa


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